Thursday, August 18

To Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the IMF: You are shockingly incorrect!

Today, The NY Times published an article by Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund and author of the book 13 Bankers.

The article is titled "A Second Great Depression, or Worse?"

After reading what he wrote, it would be an understatement to say I'm shocked!

Looks like I'll have to add more room to my Logic's 'Liars' list!

And what a coup this is...the former chief economist of the IMF!

My first video upload: "Should everyone be allowed to vote?"

This is the first in my video series!

The following video shows me reading excerpts from my article "Should everyone be allowed to vote?"

You can respond to my commentary by uploading your own YouTube video...or you can simply write comments in the article's comment section :)

Tuesday, August 16

To NY Times economics reporter Catherine Rampell: America does not profit from "Made in China"!

On Monday, The NY Times published an article by its economics reporter Catherine Rampell:

The article is titled:

"‘Made in China,’ but Still Profiting Americans."

Now, anyone who's read either this article of mine or this article of mine knows I'm unlikely to agree with the claim that America profits from products made in China.

So, as I began to read Catherine's article, I was dying to find out exactly how she believes America profits from imported Chinese goods!

Catherine writes: 

Monday, August 15

Warren Buffett says to raise taxes on the rich. My "A-Ha!" moment: Are low taxes limiting productivity?

I had another "A-Ha!" moment today!

I love these moments!  I suddenly think of an explanation for some type of behavior or activity, an explanation that I've never heard anyone else mention!

These are exciting for me, because "A-Ha!" moments can lead people toward solving the world's problems!

It was after reading the following article that I had my "A-Ha!" moment:

My first month's readership figures - Thank you for spending so much time on my site :)

Please note:  The following article was written for the main site among my sister sites:

Today marks the one month mark for my site!  (Prior to that, my sister site published articles since November 2010, but neither of the sites published daily until June 2011).

I thought this would be an appropriate time to look back at the first month's readership figures!